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Our Business’ History

We take pride in having over 50 years of experience in the framing industry.

Who We Are 

Established in 1967, Wilsons Frame Up is a frame shop that has been servicing customers in Riverside, California. For more than 50 years, we’ve helped local artists, photographers, sports collectors, government and state agencies, and other clients from across the United States with our custom matting and framing skills.

Wilsons Frame Up was established in Riverside CA in 1967 by a mother (Lois Wilson) and son (Jim Wilson). The mother was a local and well know oil painting artist who regularly taught art classes. The son, was an exceptional wood craftsman. After multiple art students asking if her son could build them a custom frame to fit their paintings on canvas, the idea was born. Now over 55 years later after framing for government agencies, our customers and everything in between the business is still strong and continues to thrive. We continue to change with the times and build new and exciting relationships with new and old customers and are truly excited to see what the future holds.


Our Goal

Our mission is to use our 50 plus years of experience to not only enhance the presentation but also to protect and preserve your art and collectibles.

About the Owner

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